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We are the number one system integrator in Canada, specializing in server-based automation, digital asset management, and web-based production tools, providing effective workflow solutions for the graphic industry.

Your business is an ever-evolving network of intertwined systems; people, technologies, processes. Syncron CyberKare makes it our business to provide the forward thinking solutions that integrate those systems into efficient, expandable digital environments. Our graphic Systems Integration connects the spectrum of business disciplines creating cross-organizational, real time information workflow from marketing, CRM, DAM and beyond.

Through strong strategic alliances and proven experience in the industry, Syncron CyberKare offers the unique systems, software and ongoing support that will maximize ever dollar of your technological investment, economize end-to-end workflow and optimize the strengths of your work force, every project, every day.

It’s Our 10th Anniversary!
On behalf of all of us here at Syncron, I would like to say a special “Thank You” to all our customers on this, our 10th. year in business. It is hard to believe that 10 great years have flown by. At Syncron’s inception, the high end Mac was a Power PC 9500 with a startling processor speed of 200 Mhz. and the Internet was just starting to evolve. We look forward to working with you for another ten years and more.

This coming year promises to be very exciting, as we are working on bringing some innovative new products to the marketplace. Stay tuned or better still, ask your sales consultant for details.

Ronald Lokaisingh

Authorized Apple Reseller, Apple Service Provider
and Apple Print Solution Specialist.

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